Because of the large number of cosmic entities present in our shared cosmologies, it might make sense to start debating about who would beat who in a fight, because what else would we do?

Of course, these entities presumably stay out of each others' business most of the time. But that's beside the point. Please place your entities in here, and converse about your entities in the comments as much as you'd like; we, as always, encourage debates.

Categories are shortened down to tiers, for those who don't want to use the entire term. Categories like "Universal" are labeled with tiers - universal is labeled with T11 - with subtiers that go down the english alphabet to determine power. (e.g. Low Universal would be T11C, entities with low-universal feats would be labeled as T11C characters.)

BT = Beyond Tiers / Box Tier

NT: No Tier.

Please see The Omnipotence Hierarchy for further explanation on hyper-powerful entity abilities and tiers, specifically those relating to omnipotence.

Please see the Entity Types page to see different categorizations for some entities.


Untierable (does not fit into the tiers below, or does not use this cosmology):

  • Demiurge (can actually exist at any Tier)

(BT) Ultimate Tier (The entirety of The Box)

(T16-20) Abstract Tier (beyond notions of possibility altogether)

(T20) Top Abstract (≈ Altarcae or other infinitely-large parts of the Box)

(T19) High Abstract (≈ Transcendentem)

(T18) Mid Abstract (≈ two or more instances of Beyond)

(T17) Int Abstract (≈ Two or more monocosms)

(T16) Low Abstract (≈ Monocosm and parts of the Outside)

(T15) Unthinkable Tier (immeasurable levels):

(T15A) High Unthinkable (Omniverse)

(T15B) Mid Unthinkable (≈ Very large parts of the Archverse chain)

(T15C) Low Unthinkable (≈ top-level Archverses)

(T14) Archversal Tier (along the Archverse chain):

(T14A) High Immeasurable (high-level Archverses)

(T14B) Mid Immeasurable (mid-level Archverses)

(T14C) Low Immeasurable (low-level Archverses and Ultraverses)

(T14D) Top Metric (Xennaverse and above)

(T14E) High Metric (Yottaverse)

(T14F) Mid Metric (Petaverse)

(T14G) Low Metric (Gigaverse)

(T13) Megaversal Tier:

(T13A) Top Megaversal (arbitrarily large numbers of Megaverses)

(T13B) High Megaversal (huge finite number of megaverses)

(T13C) Mid Megaversal (small finite number of megaverses)

(T13D) Low Megaversal (one megaverse)

(T12) Multiversal Tier:

(T12A) Top Multiversal (arbitrarily large numbers of Multiverses/A large part of one megaverse)

(T12B) High Multiversal (huge finite number of multiverses)

  • Primary Minds from the External Hazard
  • The Architect when within The Architecture

(T12C) Mid Multiversal (small finite number of multiverses)

(T12D) Low Multiversal (one multiverse)

  • Every Guardian as a collective
  • The Architect when outside of The Architecture, and the rest of The Oblivious
  • Gais Thenyion (Task Force Iris) before uplift
  • Lady G95H99F97 (Task Force Iris)
  • The Constant currently

(T11) Universal Tier:

(T11A) High Universal (can cross between universes and manipulate them)

(T11C) Low Universal (has power over multiple Hubble volumes)

  • The strongest of the External Hazard's Warriors
  • Around 1,000,000 Guardians
  • Quessi Milyin Aigl'h (Task Force Iris)
  • The Omnius-Infinity's cannon at maximum input.

(T10) Supercluster Tier:

(T10A) Turtlie (Turtlies and other multi-supercluster structures)

(T10B) High Supercluster (multiple superclusters)

(T10C) Mid Supercluster (one entire supercluster)

  • Around a Type 3.4 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale
  • Around 25,000 Guardians
  • Shivihix (Task Force Iris)

(T10D) Low Supercluster (most of a supercluster)

(T9) Galaxy Group Tier:

(T9A) High Galaxy Group (multiple galaxy groups)

  • Entities in command over a Megasphere.
  • Several Guardians
  • Akejan Osioi Ctarin (Task Force Iris)

(T9B) Mid Galaxy Group (one galaxy group)

  • Around a Type 3.1 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale

(T9C) Low Galaxy Group (most of a galaxy group)

  • The Stander and the Clock (Task Force Iris)

(T8) Galactic Tier:

(T8A) High Galactic (large galaxies)

(T8B) Mid Galactic (small galaxies)

(T8C) Low Galactic (parts of small galaxies, or dwarf galaxies)

(T7) Interstellar Tier:

(T7A) High Interstellar (≈ 10 million stars)

(T7B) Mid Interstellar (≈ 100,000 stars)

(T7C) Low Interstellar (≈ 100 stars)

  • Around a Type 2.2 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale
  • Elite sunfeeders accustomed to portal creation magic
  • Entities in command over an Alderson disk
  • Entities in command over a Megaring.
  • Itlim (Task Force Iris)

(T6) Stellar Tier:

(T6A) Top Stellar (giant or bright giant stars)

(T6B) High Stellar (subgiant stars)

  • Centurion 189965 (Task Force Iris)

(T6C) Mid Stellar (main sequence stars)

(T6D) Low Stellar (dwarf stars)

(T5) Planetary Tier:

(T5A) Large Planetary

  • B-0998 (Task Force Iris)

(T5B) Medium Planetary

(T5C) Small Planetary

(T5D) Dwarf Planetary

  • The Spore Leviathan (Task Force Iris)

(T4) Subplanetary Tier:

(T4A) Continental

  • A typical communal sentient being
  • The weakest of the External Hazard's Warriors
  • Around a Type 0.7 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale
  • ED (Task Force Iris)

(T4B) Regional

  • Around a Type 0.5 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale
  • Telkam (Task Force Iris)

(T4C) City

  • Around a Type 0.4 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale
  • Obergaj (Task Force Iris)

(T4D) Neighborhood

  • The collective abilities of a Type 0.0 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale

(T4E) House Level

(T3) Biological Tier

(T3A) Human Level

(T3B) Organ System Level

(T3C) Organ Level

(T3D) High Multicellular

(T3E) Low Multicellular

  • The collective abilities of a Type -1.0 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale

(T3F) Cellular

  • A typical eukaryotic cell

(T3G) Organelle Level

  • A typical prokaryotic cell
  • Membrane-bound organelles, such as
    • Mitochondria
    • Chloroplasts
    • Nuclei

(T2) Molecular Tier:

(T2A) High Macromolecular

  • The collective abilities of a Type -2.0 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale
  • A typical virion

(T2B) Low Macromolecular

  • Typical enzymes


(T1) Submolecular Tier

(T1A) Atomic

(T1B) Subatomic

(T1C) Elementary

(T1D) Sub-elementary

  • The collective abilities of a Type -3.0 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale

(T1E) Quantum Foam Level

(T0) Subspatial Tier

(T0A) Planar (≈ planeverse)

  • Typical 2 dimensional entities

(T0B) Linear (≈ lineverse)

  • Typical 1 dimensional entities

(T0C) Point (≈ protoverse)

  • Typical 0 dimensional entities (if there can even be more than one in a single location)

(T0D) Null (≈ -1-dimensional nullverse)

(T-1) Nonexistent Tier (There wouldn't really be sub-nonexistent tiers, so there are no subcategories or tiers for this category)

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