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Holomanga Holomanga 2 days ago

Multiversal Space Sim / V&D Nation Game / Zooming Simulator

Originally titled Multiversal Space Sim, known as V&D Nation Game on Github, and which as of now is a 2D Nestedlike, is a game created by me and PlanetN9ne that has currently has a universe that you can click on tiles to zoom in on, from 10 billion light years across on the largest universe map to 10,000 km across on the smallest planetary map. Currently, it includes superclusters inside those filaments, and clusters inside those superclusters, and groups inside those clusters, and galaxies (of shapes spiral, barred, elliptical and irregular) inside those groups, and stars inside those galaxies of different spectral classes (OBAFGKM, as well as generic red giants and supergiants), and generates solar systems around those stars, and planets …

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ZaperatorYnossPro44 ZaperatorYnossPro44 5 days ago

The Universal Stuff

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MrXNando MrXNando 8 days ago

Okay last blog post.

Okay okay, I know some of you, in fact most of you got bored with the triangle idea. Old idea, thought about it last year. My new recent idea which I came up with last month is Lucid Jumping. If you still get bored with this idea, then I have no more reason to write. I’ve only worked on this idea for a month, so sorry if it doesn’t make a bit of sense in some parts.

Okay, so I came up with this just last month when I started lucid dreaming for 4 weeks in a row. Weird way to come up with something, i know. When I realised how long it had been, I thought ‘wait, if we see an alternate version of ourselves that’s from another universe as we dream, wouldn’t that mean lucid dreaming could be a way of shifting between realities while keeping our c…

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MrXNando MrXNando 9 days ago

Portal Gun idea.

Sorry to the bit of confusion I made with the ' Tridoor', cause I forgot to mention that it was part of a portal gun idea I thought of.

The Triangle Gun, A gun that shoots out Triangles! They're not just any triangle, they're triangular wormholes! What's the point of the you ask? Well, the three sides of the triangle represent the 3 different aspects of our universe. There's Time, Space and Reality. Wait doesn't reality encompass space and time? No that wasn't really what I was going for. So the three aspects are modes for the potal, so you know where to go.

Reality mode is for the destination set in a different dimension, universe, which is within the multiverse or omniverse. This is used for interuniversal travel, travel between universes. …

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MrXNando MrXNando 9 days ago

What do y'all think about multiverse jumping?

This is my first blog on V&D and on Fandom, so very much please judge me.

What do you think about when it comes to traveling between universes, or even multiverses? I don't actually know how blog posts work so I'll just wing it.

I believe that there are multiple ways of Multiverse jumping (I call it that for a reason), There are the typical wormholes, sometimes you can see them, sometimes you cant!

Here's something I made up, a Triangular Wormhole, or a Tridoor (name still being decided). The tridoor is basically a wormhole but instead a circle, it's a triangle. The reason I chose that is because of the amount of sides it has, 3. Each side of the portal are supposed to represent the 3 main aspects to the universe, Space, Time and Reality wh…

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Cheetahrock63 Cheetahrock63 10 days ago

Hypercomplex Blog: Zeros of the Riemann zeta function (domain colourings)

Home, Recreational monocosm

Tall images showcasing nontrivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function displayed at a large size.

which are separated by a distance of about 0.0377.]]

A Lehmer pair is a pair of nontrivial zeros that are unusually really close to each other.

Up to 9 decimal places each.

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Cheetahrock63 Cheetahrock63 13 days ago

LED and Laser post

: Recreational monocosm, Astronomy Portal

  • 1 Colour things
  • 2 sRGB primaries, secondaries, and tertiaries
  • 3 Wide-gamut RGB primaries, secondaries, and tertiaries
    • 3.1 Primaries
  • 4 LEDs
  • 5 Wishlist
    • 5.1 670 nm DPSS "Red" Laser
    • 5.2 593 nm DPSS "Yellow-Orange" Laser
    • 5.3 589 nm DPSS "Yellow" Laser
    • 5.4 488 nm "Cyan" Laser
    • 5.5 473 nm DPSS "Blue" Laser

  • Chromaticity diagrams (LMS, typical colour vision, CIE 1931 xy)
  • Colour and star ranged functions (Wavelength to colour function, CIE 1964 10°, Relativistic Doppler shifting, Temperature to colour function)
  • Colour perception functions (Cone cell fundamentals, Opponency functions and photopic sensitivity function, sRGB values)
  • Planck's law
  • collers
  • Astronomical objects by colour
  • Stellar class chromaticities

LEDs are labelled by their peak wa…

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The Council of Life

The council of life are a group of high universal beings with primordial energy and almost unrivalled authority of any universe

They formed after a big boom where they was so much energy that it was felt across multiple universe,life had already formed in those universes so they all tried to collect that energy.Unfortunately they underestimated how much energy there was and the sheer intensity of the power they tried to harness melted their atoms,but somehow their sentience merged with the energy the energy know sentient wondered across the universe before mergin with an already shockingly powerful vector sum god who used this energy to create eleven beings of immense power

As it is stated in one of the shadow kings conflicting origins a po…

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The Shadow King

The shadow king is an amalgamation of darkness and a dark infernal being of wickedness and violence and the greatest threat to the council of life and the universe at large. He also has two conflicting origins, both true, both false, the paradoxical smith of lies stemming from the general unhappiness of all universal cosmic entities.

  • 1 Origin 1
  • 2 Origin 2
  • 3 The curse
  • 4 The reawakening

At the beginning of the universe, the vector sum god created the council of life to watch over any life that is born in the universe and to be protectors of reality, but then the leader of the council turned mad with power, corrupted by his own thoughts. He rejected his position and decided to call himself the shadow king. He then waged war against the council of life …

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Cheetahrock63 Cheetahrock63 19 May

Stellar class chromaticities

Astronomy Portal

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Cheetahrock63 Cheetahrock63 11 May

Astronomy Portal

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Cheetahrock63 Cheetahrock63 9 May

History of the largest known star

Astronomy Portal

well, really this is "History of the top position on the Wikipedia article 'List of largest known stars'" but that wouldn't make for a very nice title

use this to get indicators about the "datedness" of size comparison videos or something idk

instances of vandalism, edit wars, fake stars, or top position time durations less than 48 hours will not be counted

  • Full history of article

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 21 April

The Large Small Object

Many objects on this wiki are really big objects. Big stars, planets, galaxies, egos, and universes are many things you see are very large.

However we have never questioned much about small objects. That is why through my 0.3 hours of intense research I have found the smallest being in the universe. Throwing away current physics understandings the Schmellik is an extremely small entity made up of Strings. This entity is responsible for creating all Cotconic Matter within the Teraverse which is skewed to a perdicular angled Cilaverse onto a Hevaverse.

This entity came into existence infinity years ago. If the entire Omniverse...Prism Gate....The Box...or whatever the Hell the largest thing is...(I have been told so many things over the years …

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 4 April

The Blik Glop

The Blik Glop is a large Phaesor located within the Deali-Universe in the Zamna system of universes. It is an anamolous piece of Canti Matter which distorts the space around it. This is similiar to a Baltusit object but is magnified 50 times. It is far stronger than the Juex Device or the Klammoranuma.

The Glusho who reigns over the Deali-Universe is part of the 45 1/2 super collective of entities. It is ranked as an 8th tier Ramik and is the supreme controller of the sub class Heaftilites. Glushos job is to oversea the Nib Nub and Faxari people. Nib Nubs are from the dual binary planetary system of Nabia and the Faxari from Coctoni in the Vedish system.

This universe is currently in the 2nd Infinite War betwwen the Chambas and the Polteci n…

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Planetn9ne Planetn9ne 25 March

Junkan Knot

The Junkan Knot is the second largest and longest temporal knot within the Sewers. It is approximately 1.35×10145 cubic years in temporal volume and 5.43×101034 years long in total, discounting branches less than 1 year long and megaversal lasagnas. The longest continuous timeline is 2.34×1098 years long.

It is a dendritic knot estimated to contain 4.3×101200 distinct universes, and 3.0×10123 in the most recent regions of the timetree. The knot center contains a supermassive megaversal lasagna, which is a Fline-Spagti monster named Kax welcomes visitors, but trips must be planned strategically, due to the rarity and unpredictability of the Mondees.

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Holomanga Holomanga 24 March

Heavenly Courts

The Heavenly Courts are the domains of the omnipotent entities that inhabit the Outside; having a heavenly court is required for omnipotence, because omnipotence involves changing logical facts so the omniverse alone is unable to sustain the necessary infrastructure.

Heavenly courts typically have regions in the omniverse that exchange reality fluid the most with them due to being the best-suited targets of optimisation, known as base-cities; here, great civilisations form due to trade with the heavenly courts. From a base-city, powerful beings and civilisations are often able to ascend into the heavenly courts and be modified into being suited for roles managing the politics of the Outside.

Below the heavenly courts is the Emulsion, a continu…

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 16 March

400th Cosmology Tier

So I worked really hard on this cosmology tier list. I am a graduate of Harvard University in mathematics and astronomy so I am really really smart.

Universe- It is so big that we cannot see it all

Multiverse- Same size as the universe but somehow labeled larger than the universe in lists

Metaverse- That one Superbowl ad

Omniverse- It's like the Universe but super duper big, it also contains the 27th and 56th dimensions of reality

Barrel- reasons unknown it's a barrel (for some reason)

Barrelplex- A bigger barrel which contains barrels in a barrel

Barrelplexianametexian- A bigger barrel containing several Barrelplexes that contain Barrels in the Barrel

Outside- The outside of the Barrelplexianametexian

Inside- The inside of the Outside which is out…

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Ubersketch Ubersketch 11 March

Hypercomplex Stuff: Jay Edition

Hypercomplex numbers and linear algebra are neat so I thought I'd make my own posts on them.

Yeah turns out calling them "generalized complex numbers" isn't too useful. Far more useful is "element of a finite-dimensional vector space over the reals equipped with a unital bilinear product."

Ok but actually it's not as complicated as it sounds. First we define what a vector space is, which you can skip if you already know linear algebra.

Intuitively a vector space

  • Split-quaternionic - W.I.P.
  • Ternionic - W.I.P.
  • Tessarine - W.I.P.

By the way, you aren't limited to using matrices of real numbers, you can use matrices of imaginary numbers or possibly even more exotic objects. Here some complex matrix representations:

  • W.I.P

Which brings us to representatio…

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Holomanga Holomanga 7 March

Heavenly Court of the 0th Ascension

The Heavenly Court of the 0th Ascension is the first and highest of the heavenly courts, located in Outside and reaching down through the emulsion into the Omniverse. In the center of the 0th Ascension is the throne of Creator-Destroyer surrounded by two partial fractals that represent the ultimate forms of their corresponding godverses; one entropised entirely evenly despite the seeming incoherence to inner-Omniversal beings, and the other configured as absolute perfection of a kind that could not be computed within the omniverse itself. All of the 0th Ascension that better serves Creator is in the former, and all that better serves Destroyer is in the latter.

Below the Heavenly Court are several layers that merge continuosly into the omniverse.…

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 7 March

The Verse Verse

The Verse Verse is the verse existing between the Box and the Omniverse. It is super duper big its grand size. It is inhabited by U-Sar and Cree-Ator. These two beings do not always see eye to eye in matter of dealings. Cree-Ator is very creative in making up things to inhabit lower universes. U-Sar is good at looking at these things and questioning the need for them or their complexity. He constantly berates Cree-Ator due to his lack of knowledge of Cree-Ator's creations.

The Verse Verse is made up of swiggity matter and Dark Light Matter within its bubbulish spaces of time and cotcon matter...blah blah don't even know what i'm saying...I could just be making this up and you wouldn't even know you simple minded cheebo.

Anyways th…

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Holomanga Holomanga 24 February

Quiescent perfection

The quiescent perfection was the final state of the omniverse as planned by Creator and Destroyer. The plurality of the omniverse would be taken by a single -verse, the details of which were yet to be calculated by Destroyer but likely resembling an extremised form of the existing Eternal Imperium modulo crucial considerations, with the remainder containing every -verse in as uniform a distribution as possible (a transfinite generalisation of the n'th -verse having a weight asymptotically approaching 1/n from below) weighted towards those that anti-resembled the Eternal Imperium. Following the achievement of the ideal terminal state, the Omniverse would remain as-is forever, and Creator and Destroyer would move their attention on to expandi…

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Omnipotentverses are realms beyond the Godverse. They are home to all all-powerful, All-seeing, All-knowing gods. Omnipotentverses are similar to godverses, but no exactly the same. There are only two omnipotentverses, One belonging to Alaric and the other, The god of Omnipotence

Very little gods go truly beyond the Godverse; As the name states it is the complete totality of verses, realms, dimensions, spaces, voids, etc. Omnipotentverse hold the true god of each respective fiction they belong to.

One must be at the Omnipotent creator of the verse they belong to, to perceive, let alone enter the Omnipotentverse. The Omnipotentverse is beyond every level of space and time beyond all comprehension, Being beyond the limits of reality and logic. …

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Gnurla Gnurla 28 January

Zenath "King (of the) Beyonderverse" El Kamo



- ...?

Zenath "King (of the) Beyonderverse" El Kamo




Queen Beyonderverse, Prince Beyonderverse


The Ruler Of The Beyonderverse


Being King of the Beyonderverse, The Beyond and The Outside

Biographical information

Date of birth


Place of birth

The Beyond Before The Cosmos

Physical description


Cosmical King Deity








Portrayed by



Before Anything

Zenath AKA King of the Beyonderverse is the Eternal Ruler of The Outside, the Beyond and the "Beyonderverse", a Collection of Arch-,Omni- and God-verses outside the main Verses in the Beyond. He is supremely dominant over everybody in the Beyonderverse…

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ThebloxerMan1337 ThebloxerMan1337 25 January

The prime

The Prime is a realm that contains everything. It exist outside of everything, therefore, Can't be contained itself. Every Verse/Verse, dimension, alternate reality, etc. It holds its own pocket dimension that home to gods that dwarf almost all others. These are called omniplexes, primeverses, Short for primordial verses. Although, the gods within it call it the primordial. It also goes by the name "Infinityverse" and "Ultiverse"

Only a few gods rarely make it outside the Godverse and find their way to the ultiverse. The ultiverse contains all of fiction, There is nothing outside of it besides the ultiverse itself.

Being true omnipotent allows these beings to bend reality, time and space on a transfictional level, almost unlimitedly. The gods wit…

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No jvof No jvof 25 January


This… is the true dimension, a dimension. THE END. THE END OF ALL ENDS. ITS… PURPLE EMPTINESS, CLASS 9 COMES TO AN END.

Once super gods wanted creating things AND THEY CREATED IT. THE GENIUS DIMENSION. the Dimensionverse. A ball of all. A ball of ALL.

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Cheetahrock63 Cheetahrock63 18 January

Hypercomplex Blog: Special function evaluations and approximations used

Home, Recreational monocosm


Approximation and evaluation means used for Desmos and SageMath graphs.

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Alaric "The author"

Alaric is high omnipotent entity that serves as the author of fiction and non-fiction, being the writer,planner, and dreamer of everything. Although not being known or considered as a monocosmic god in the traditional sense, He isn't the same species Creator,Destroyer or Hyperman. He is completely unknown to everyone that doesn't work with him on making new aspects of fiction and non-fiction. Everything that happens is written down in his book before he decides to make it happen. He is every god in every sense

He has no beginning nor end, He is forever and will remain forever. He can make his own origin but he doesn't need or want one

His power is beyond infinite, being able to end omnipotent beings with just a flick of the wrist. He is able …

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Holomanga Holomanga 3 January

High-civ Megaversal Curve

High-civ megaversal curves are regions of the megaverse that are in an equilibrium under time loops primarily to satisfy unbounded goals of entities and civilisations. On the lower levels, they are made up of are fractal structures to increase inner-megaversal generalised-energy dissipation - mandelbulb brains in universes inside coherent SAWs of SAWs. On the higher levels, these exist inside many tiny time loops to do the needed supertasks while using as little timelinespace as possible each. Typically, these time loops will also be fractally scaled, with some large loops stretching from the creation of individual universes to their heat deaths, and the smallest being at the scale of time-energy-information. In some cases, the largest loo…

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Zhimot Zhimot 27 December 2021


The omniverse (or Omniverse) surpassing a monocosm or even any of the classic universes by a transfinite factor. While frequently argued to contain absolutely everything, there are limits to the Omniverse's extent, reached when one attempts to derive something not part of a given understanding of reality.

The Koildaverse The strangest of the versions known at the moment. The opening took place on December 21, 2021 was opened by a man from Russia. Amin, the name of the person who discovered Koildavers, the surname is not known at the moment. More information is not available.

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CoolNumbers CoolNumbers 17 December 2021

Pink Hole

What Is A Pink Hole

A Pink Hole Is A Black Hole But Pink, It Is Much More Powerful That A Black Hole.

If You Got Near A Pink Hole, You Would Get Sucked In And Teleport To Another Zettaverse.

When 2 Pink Hole Collides, All Laws Break Because Inside Its CRAZY.

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Oculus Speculans Oculus Speculans 12 December 2021


Dementem (seu Dementum) est in Andromedā saeculōrum grex quō omnes dēgunt hominēs quī ā dēmentiā afficiuntur. Pertinēre ea absūmptum in Ūnfortūnātō saepe creditur, eius profunda enim quam aliī regiō est. Quondam domicillium dēmentiōrum quō sōlāciīs prīdem ministrābantur quoad spīritibus perpotentissimīs āctum dein īnfuscātum est. Ab Ūnfortūnātōrum Sanctō Forgetatibus, Sanctō Fredicō Mecuriō, Sanctō Exactibilitatibissivissimascendībusque Dunkleosteōrum Priscōrum ea possidērī ophaniīs gehennae arbitrabāntur. Nunc creduntur habērī Sanctō Mishappor/Mishabueri (Sanctus Mishappor) et Sanctō Dementicō Longaevō (Sanctus Dementicus Longaevus)

Annō 20362 infaustīs quōrum morbī sunt īnsānābilēs factum dementem est ad incolendum ab urbe prōvectā Affīnī …

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Holomanga Holomanga 7 December 2021


The Holoverse is ccccccrjkungivnbivnkjlivvkulbkithbvgkccguuvr ✊

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Htynhbjkni Htynhbjkni 4 December 2021


Czechosverse is an verse that locates the Nothing. is the 566,666,666 infinity ly.

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What about?

Haiii everyone!

I'm new to this site and wndoered what this place is about? there lot of big verses and names. 0_0

pls share and how i can share my ideas w/people here

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Holomanga Holomanga 4 December 2021


Ikthil was a supergod xenolinguist, studying alien communications systems, both real and fictional. Much of his early work was on an artistic language called Sideways-Omniscient, an exercise in compressing the observations of supergods that were omniscient2 via low resolution emulation of hypothetical higher entities rather than in the way typical of supergods in the cohort. It came to his attention that some ancient Tomeverses in Qorter’s library, apparently nonsensical and only preserved because he believed that he could sell them later in exchange for security services, were written in a language not grammatically dissimilar to Sideways-Omnipotent.

Performing an analysis and eventually translating these non-functional tomeverses, under the…

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Holomanga Holomanga 18 November 2021


Ribbonways are low-dimensional areas of high Power concentration that criss-cross the infinite-dimensional Omnisphere. Each ribbonway is embedded in a ribbonway of one higher dimension, extending upwards indefinitelyw and downwards to 0-ribbonways that contain finite amounts of Power at a single point.

Within ribbonways, life tends to evolve to be bounded to a certain number of dimensions; to an entity living on a 3-ribbonway, the four dimensional direction appears barren, since Power pools in their home ribbonway in high densities. To an entity in a 4-ribbonway, travelling off the 3-ribbonways with a three-dimensional powerscoop would give a greater amount of total Power than a 3D entity could obtain, especially when taking into account on-…

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Cheetahrock63 Cheetahrock63 18 November 2021

Geometrized unit conversions

got bored so here's more verse and dimensional analysis

ten significant figures at most

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SSB64 SSB64 17 November 2021

The Story Of ???

??? was once 3 seperate beings who you would usually expect would rule over, and protect the Monocosm, The Hyperman, Destroyer, and Creator. They worked in tandem to keep it intact at all cost, and they did for what mortals can describe as eons.

However, on a certain day, a strange patch of light appeared within a Multiverse. However, this thing did not seem to be of the Creator's making. A weird energy that seemed to have manifested into some sort of entity who would be later known to be Ray. Unbeknownst to them, Ray had plans to conquer the entirety of "everything that has, does, and will exist, and not exist" in Ray's own words.

Initially, Ray was of no concern. Lower down entities of his world such as Gadget, and Justin (Yes. Me Justin) w…

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SSB64 SSB64 14 November 2021

Ray The Light Elemental (Post-Elementals)

Note that Elementals in this Monocosm are different to other Elementals within the Wiki, or any other sources in drastic ways.

Ray The Light Elemental is an entity comprised of Primordial Light. Prior to the events of his world's Elementals being created, he sought a universe, nay, an exstence, where Light was the only existing side of the coin. Luckily for him, he had the power to do something of that caliber, He eventually went to the Godverses, took on his Barrel's Hyperman, Destroyer, and even Creator all at once, beat them (With the 3 of them eventually coming back as a fused entity simply named ??? though not attempting to overthrow Ultimate Ray anymore), and became to sole ruler of his entire Monocosm, which other than the three Godv…

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Pip7500 Pip7500 13 November 2021


The Letaverse Is The 2nd Largest Universe Ever Size 18 Googolplex Light Years

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Holomanga Holomanga 5 November 2021

Blankmind farms

The Blankmind farms are structures operated by the Imaginatim cult comprising batteries of computational substrate optimized for receiving revelatory parts of the Cohesive Whole from Imaginatim. Due to high uncertainty over the criteria Imaginatim uses to select mortals for blessings, which seem almost random, Blankmind farms take a wide range of candidate forms suspected to be on the frontier of useful mind-designs.

Generally, blankminds are built to be unstable, such that it is equally likely that they end up in any of a large number of possible end states representing the possible pieces of information Imaginatim might want to convey, and easily scannable so the information can be retrieved quickly before it is annihilated by natural proce…

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Omega8907 Omega8907 14 October 2021


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Holomanga Holomanga 4 October 2021

Kalyubi gunpowder

Kalyubi gunpowder is a form of Kalyubi sand that is liable to equilibrate in a way that causes further grains of Kalyubi sand to equilibrate. This typically occurs when Kalyubi sand has been recently reinfused with logical elements rapidly enough that all of the gradients remain intact but with available logical elements to provide a mechanism for the equilibrium; this generally occurs following the intervention of an omnipotent^10 entity or above, such as a Guardian, since lesser omnipotent beings can cause effects too localized and natural processes are too slow and tend to have their pace regulated by the Kalyubi gunpowder effect. This is done when a logical desert is very distant from any Beyond bubbles to accelerate its cohortiforming…

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Holomanga Holomanga 4 October 2021

Koto mesa

A Koto mesa is a very deep and wide pool of Kalyubi quicksand where all the grain boundaries have aligned, creating a large flat “mesa” of a very strong logical discontinuity, the interior of which looks a lot like a shallow Kalyubi dimension, large enough to contain most Kalyubi dimension entities which are typically bounded in omnipotence by the selection effect of ability to escape into the more hospitable transcendentem.

One source of directionality that allows these to form is the existence of a true Kalyubi dimension boundary nearby; when a logical desert is near one of these boundaries, there are typically a series of increasingly extreme Koto mesas, eventually becoming contiguous with the Kalyubi dimension itself. This creates a somew…

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Holomanga Holomanga 4 October 2021

Elder's glass

Koto glass is an unusual and inert form of trosinic medium caused by applying metaphysical constructs to equilibrate logic-free material, rather than allowing the material to equilibrate by its own internal logic. The most common form in the local transcendentem continuum is Elder’s glass, made purely of unbreakable deals formed by Elder's fire and itself unbreakable. Being a continuum of logically empty material, even large infusions of logical elements can be resisted, causing only tiny internal changes to the glass and tiny external changes to other material adjacent to the glass; one application of this is that it can be forged into Kalyubi glassware, which can keep even volatile transcendental materials separate allowing for highly dang…

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Holomanga Holomanga 25 September 2021

Cohesive Whole

The Cohesive Whole is a theorised grand plan by the Imaginatim cult that they believe has been designed by Imaginatim and granted in fragments to chosen mortals. The purpose of the cohesive whole is up for some debate – some hold that it is an archverse skein more unique than any other, some believe it is a weapon designed to usurp Realitus as controller of the cosmos, and yet others refuse to speculate on the matter.

The cohesive whole is all and none of those things, learning towards none. Imaginatim has granted mortals fragments of unique archverse skeins, and weapons, and things hazardous to know about the existence of, as well as a great number of other technologies, but simply because they happened to be the things that immediately intere…

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Unnamed2019 Unnamed2019 13 September 2021


A list. Also, I think the plural for "polygon" should be "polyga", because the same is with "polyhedra".

0. Zerohedron (sphere)

  1. Monohedron - Monon actually means "alone".
  2. Dihedron - Di- meaning "double".
  3. Trihedron - Treis meaning "three".
  4. Tetrahedron - Tessera meaning "four".
  5. Pentahedron - Pente meaning "five".
  6. Hexahedron - Exi meaning "six", but closer to Greek is "hix".
  7. Heptahedron - Epta meaning "seven". Closer to Greek is "heven", but that sounds like "heaven".
  8. Octahedron - Okto meaning "eight".
  9. Enneahedron
  10. Decahedron - Double digits.
  11. Hendecahedron - Enas means "one", so, how about "henahedron"?
  12. Dodecahedron
  13. Tridecahedron - I omitted the "kai".
  14. Tetradecahedron
  15. Pentadecahedron
  16. Hexadecahedron
  17. Heptadecahedron
  18. Octadecahedron
  19. Enneadecahedron
  20. Icosahedron - Eikosi meaning "twenty".
  21. I…

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Holomanga Holomanga 10 September 2021


The Horseworms of Horsewomb are a convergent lifeform that appears in many worlds under the influence of Horsewomb's amniotic fluid. They are a general attractor state for creatures living in worlds that are almost completely inhospitable to life, but which have nonetheless been promoted to being lifebearing by Horsewomb's fluid pooling around the tiny fraction of possibilities in which life does form. As they are on the very far margins of where life can appear, they often have simple structures; if they have more than one irreducible subsystem at all, it is almost always a single type of subsystem repeated many times along a single dimension. To many observers this admits a worm-like interpretation of their form, though this is contingent…

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Holomanga Holomanga 30 August 2021

Shiejling and Xlazing

Shiejling and xlazing are two ways through which supergods can attack each other; they are considered the most extreme forms of their art, and other supergod attacks are sometimes characterised as just a superposition of shiejling and xlazing. They operate on forcing an intersection between the supergods' godsmokes such that two parts of different supergods pertain to the same logical theories, following which parts of the supergod logically contradict and force explosions in a way that can benefit one supergod or the other.

Shiejling is a narrowly focused attack, aimed at concentrating the full omnipotent2 power of a supergod onto an omnipotent1 component of the other supergod, which results in much more harm to the target supergod, even taking…

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Holomanga Holomanga 29 August 2021


Magic is the name given by civilisations living inside the omniverse prior to the Great Occult War to the divergence between the expected distribution of reality fluid from propagation according to natural law and the actual distribution as a result of interaction between the omniverse and Creator's godverse.

It comes in three major forms:

  • 1 True Magic / Divine Magic
  • 2 Broad Magic / Clerical Magic
  • 3 Narrow Magic / Point Magic / Arcane Magic
  • 4 Post-Restructuring Magic

True magic is magic that occurs as a direct result of Creator's manipulations, or from a direct connection to the Creator's godverse. True magic can have any effect; there are no generalities other than what the Creator tends to do. The Divine Keys operate on true magic.

Metaphorically, di…

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