• YeetusDeletus69420
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  • YeetusDeletus69420

    The Nutshell

    September 3, 2020 by YeetusDeletus69420

    The Nutshell contains a massively crappy version of V&D. It contains an incomprehensibly shitty copy of the Box, so shitty that it is literally just a cube and can be escaped from with a snap of the fingers. As the name suggests, it is all absolutely confined to a single nutshell. This nutshell is unbreakable, but if it broke, a plague of insanity would destroy the entire Box. Not even the True God could stop it.

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  • Josue Domingo

    You heard right folks, the second largest gas planet in the solar system deleted their accounts from Twitter and several social media sites earlier today following allegations of "sexual misconduct" filed by the NASA funded Cassini space probe mission. The probe, planned to burn up in the Saturnian atmosphere, was found to have steganographically encoded several messages within it's final pictures, which read things such as "no, please, I don't want to be your satellite", "let me go", and "no no don't touch me there, that's my negative quadrilateral sensor region".

    Reports are now coming to light as numerous planetary bodies shed light on the years following up to Saturn's exposure...

    Mars: Saturn was always the life of the solar system, gre…
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  • Vendellium

    Time Types I

    September 2, 2020 by Vendellium

    Hello Verse And Dimensions Wikia! Edwin here. I was going to post this on Googology Testing Wikia but figured it was more verse related, and is hence why I wrote it here. I hope to inspire people towards verse creation with interesting time dynamics, as I've noted the spatial aspects of verse creation are often held in higher esteem, though to take the real world as a launching pad, one'll note that time and space are inextricably intertwined.

    In the context of verse creation, time is a fundamental notion, or idea of irreducable nature, that seperates one thing from another thing that is exactly the same. In other words it prevents everything from happening at once, or existing timelessly. That which is timeless would include mathematics, wh…

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  • Chalkosis


    August 29, 2020 by Chalkosis

    THE BOX is the worst page on the wiki. The reason is that it somehow is less original than The Box. It manages to not only be a page that is "ohhhhhhh it contains everything lol" but also because it rips off The Box itself. THE BOX contains everything including The Box and also is not contained by The Box. If it exists, it is contained by THE BOX, even if it says it isnt contained, or is completely alien from THE BOX and the concept of containment doesn't exist there. THE BOX is so ridiculously, unimaginably huge that it contains things bigger than it and things that supposedly "contain" it. THE BOX is very mean and stole all of The Boxes properties. The only way to escape THE BOX is to punch the border really hard. And I mean REALLY hard.…

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  • Chalkosis

    there is still a measure that contained it

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  • TheSecondArcent

    Absolute Infinity

    August 18, 2020 by TheSecondArcent

    Absolute Infinity (Ω) is a "number" proposed by George Cantor as an extension of the concept of infinity.

    It can be thought of as the "final" infinity, beyond any other conceivable or inconceivable infinity. This means that absolute infinity is neccessarily a paradox, as by conceiving it, it is by definition conceivable, thus leading to a paradox.

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  • Cheetahrock63

    The Elder

    August 6, 2020 by Cheetahrock63



    The Elder is a relatively well-known legendary figure among many Transcendent Ecosystem species such as SuperGods often credited for the creation of the Transcendentem Continuum or Transcendentem depending on the group that discusses him. He is often described as a very powerful Aspect Lord, though few cultures estimate that the Elder's power may have been actually closer to that of a Transcendental Guardian or Greater Guardian. The creation of the eponymous pseudolifeform "Elder's Fire" is also very often credited to the Elder, though it is not actually known if the Fire had Aspect Lord origins due to the lack of substantial, replicable evidence that suggested anything of the sort. The majority of stories about the Elder consistent…

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  • YeetusDeletus69420

    The Metabox

    July 30, 2020 by YeetusDeletus69420

    The Metabox is a plant-based plant.

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  • I just edited

    The Metabox

    July 29, 2020 by I just edited

    The Metabox, also called the box cluster, is the beyond abstract object that contain clusters of boxs, which is totally "beyond impossible", [PAGE IS STILL BEING CREATED]

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  • BestNoobReborn

    The Bruh

    July 26, 2020 by BestNoobReborn

    The Bruh is the continuum of The Box beyond it's endless self-containment and (beyond) all alternate (beyond) (possible/impossible/inbetween) boxes, each with their own True God. The Bruh, if you will.

    The Bruh is beyond any form of (beyond) (il)logic to the point it's just beyond the grasp of a True God. This allows The Bruh to be more than all of itself, and beyond itself. The Bruh contains _____. You can fill this blank with anything, ANYTHING, regardless of any (un)solvable paradoxes or contradictions it can cause, and it'll still be a true statement about The Bruh.

    The Bruh is metaomnidimensional, metaomnispatial, metaomnitemporal, metaomnipotent, metaomniscient, metaomnipresent, metaomniomnilogical, metaomniomniphysical, metaomnivising…

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  • Mctoran

    TTG Decoded

    July 22, 2020 by Mctoran

    Many people claim that "no assortment of human pr alien languages" can describe TTG. Well to pr8ve them wrong, I translated the article through every language, and I fully believe that the below result is TTG's true description:

    Or the result of time and resources, but not sales. Top government officials did not discriminate against her. IBodori "T. Tanik Tanari". "

    This is a distant land. If you don’t know, then you don’t know who is right or who is wrong.

    No one knows The word "number" means this word. God, mercy, precious truth lies ... thoughts and ideas.

    Large quantity of Znak Dahtûra Yamurtan blended beer, Janis Shipley Aladadakir and wine, small offices

    You have to learn more from Bo and bring something new! The correct answer. You can bui…

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  • Mctoran

    TonyNothing: Decoded

    July 21, 2020 by Mctoran

    Many people often criticize "Tonynothing" for its blandness, and most importantly its failure to properly explain the concept of Nothing. However, I have come to the conclusion that things aren't as they seem. Tony's nothing article is in fact an encrypted version of his true message, hidden behind translations of numerous languages. I was able to cross reference and decode it by trabslating it through every wierd squigly language like Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, all the asian lamguages and many more. And the result is what you see below, the true version of TonyNothing:


    In fact, this is worse than useless, it wastes time and resources, but no sales. In fact, this is worse than useless, it wastes time and resources, but no sales. If you …

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  • Mctoran

    The Seventh University was once a very prominent and important lord of the Heptagon. But after seeking greater strength, he got lost and fell for an extension of time. He is currently trying to inspect the new body after damaging his original body so that he can regain all his strength

    Long ago, when "Folding Waterfall" was relatively young, the entity lived in a multiverse called "Æ-¤ • ~ ° ■". In many ways he is a typical, ordinary and flexible god. His genealogy is small and complicated compared to others.

    ¤-¤ • ~ ° ■ is the god of creation. Compared to other units, it has more "practical" methods.

    A true craftsman will not "accidentally" create his diverse universe to prepare for survival or ignite an explosion.

    Instead, he "forged" his Me…

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  • Mctoran

    (Im sorry again)

    The Kalyubi invasion was a large-scale invasion and conquest of another barrel of "beyond the bubble", which was carried out by Oblivious, a chaotic universe entity that escaped the Kalyubi dimension.

    Although the "Alam Wars" incident still occurred in the local "Beyond the Bubble", the Kalyubi invasion did not happen, at least not in this way.

    This Kalyubi invasion was so destructive and destructive that it never dreamed of happening in the local Beyond Bubble area, because the creatures in it would never allow this chaotic destruction to the level it could reach. As for the reason and method, it will be announced soon…

    After the Alom War, the body of the Forgotten has been suspended in The Kalyubi Dimension, floating aimless…

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  • Mctoran

    (I'm sorry)

    The Alom War is a massive conflict against the highly valuable material Alom. The scale of the riots and destruction caused by this war can be compared with the negative first causal war, which also occurred roughly at the same time as this incident. The war is so cruel and fierce that the terror of the conflict still arises in the hearts of all the people involved, even in an eternal age.

    After going through countless centuries, all the O-destruction entities in Oblivion finally found each other’s existence and learned that each other entity continued to create its own verse in its own independent void. However, instead of fighting each other (they are very close to doing so), they realized that cooperation was the key to their …

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  • Ubersketch


    July 17, 2020 by Ubersketch

    Hi, this blog post is the new V&D Discord server since Discord is down.

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  • PurpleSquare

    So, I want to create my own cosmology on this wiki:

    But I don't know where to start or what to do. Can you guys give me suggestions? 

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  • Tweer

    Cosmic Set of Truths

    July 11, 2020 by Tweer

    This is my first page on this wiki. It is similar to a page I made on the All Dimensions Wiki

    The Cosmic Set of Truths are basic laws that apply to everything. Nothing can break these rules.

    1. Any cosmic container that contains itself creates inconsistencies in the laws of physics. This is just common sense, as distorting reality enough to make something contain itself creates unusual side effects. Life is impossible in these containers. This rule applies everywhere with no known exceptions.

    2. Every verse occupies a specific range in space and time. Every verse has boundaries and a timeline. These can have any shape or form and can change over time, however, these verses will be extremely chaotic. This rule could theoretically be broken, un…

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  • YeetusDeletus69420


    July 10, 2020 by YeetusDeletus69420


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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Hello all, I am Beyonder, I am one of the original administrators/bureaucrats of the wiki since 2016, I know I haven't been super duper active that is due to my attention to other wikis and personal living, but I am trying my best to be active and to keep the community going/being active.....

    The situation unfolding on the discord is becoming a cesspool of unseen hostility, miscommunication, and lack of understanding between us all, and is only a mere "He said she said" to "Overall we speak for this or that." when it's completely unjustified.

    I will for most say on the discord, I do apologize for the member that I had accidentally muted on discord a member to clarify a screenshot of me is by that the removal of their tags was the "Joke" (Som…

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  • Not scoot

    This is a community vote on whether the V&D Wiki Bureaucrat BeyonderGodOmnipotent should be demoted. If you use V&D and consider yourself a part of this community, please vote on the issue in the comments, preferrably after reading this inquiry.

    UPDATE: Just a few minutes after discovering this post, Beyonder deleted it. He deleted a vote of no confidence on himself. What is that other than power abuse?

    UPDATE 2: Beyonder has been fully demoted on both the Wiki and Discord server and is no longer staff, largely due to the overwhelming community consensus demonstrated by this vote. Thank you to everyone who voiced their opinion!

    If you already know what this is about, there's no need to read this. However if you don't know what this is about, …

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  • YeetusDeletus69420

    Basic laws of the hypercosmology of this thing:

    Law 1: Difficult to describe, so here's some examples. A Kiloverse, which is on the second-lowest Archverse level, shall always contain universes. Likewise, a Megaverse, on the third-lowest Archverse level, shall always contain Kiloverses. However, they may contain different amounts of Archverses.

    Law 2: In no two Archverses is time exactly the same. There's always a bit of a time distortion. No exceptions whatsoever.

    Law 3: It is impossible to gain control over all of existence. Attempting to do so will have indescribable consqeuences.

    Law 4: Anything beyond the universal level is hypercosmological.

    Law 5: Transfinite levels of verses have massive distortions in the basic laws of nature. At Aleph…

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  • Winrobee

    Belief Space> Critique Space> Receptional Space> Speculational Space> Suppositional Space> Intricational Space> Definitional Space> Maths> Tableau> Reality> The World> Entropy> Causality> Precidence> Physicality> Eternity> Forever> Existence> Polycreation> Creation> Hubble> Supercluster Complex> Supercluster


    Creation is the proposed term for a region created by one big bang. Also known by Max Tegmark's acronym MUHI (Mathematical Universe I). The size of Creation is estimated to be over 10^36 (1 undecillion) light years by some physicists working on the inflationary hypothesis, ranging up to aleph-null units in size. Astronomers are currently searching for signals of early energetic gravitational disturbances in the polarization of t…

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  • VoidSansXD

    chicken nugget is biggest!!!!!!!!

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  • CreatureDominic

    Hello, I am new here and have a question. I don't know who to ask so I'm asking here:

    Would it be ok if I use the information on this wiki in a novel I am writing?


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  • Somerandomdev49

    The Box contains anything that is it. So "The" isn't "it", it is the. Weird, isn't it? "The" doesn't exist so "The" is not inside The Box. Because "The" doesn't exist, it has no properties. Although one might argue that "The" 's nonexistense is it's property, it can't be so because there's nothing that this property will be attached to. And even if I am writing about "The", "The" still doesn't exist. And you can't define something that doesn't exist.

    "The" isn't something **defined**, "The" isn't anythig in particular. "The" is anything that doesn't exist. Even Nothing can technically exist.

    An Important note is that "The" isn't in Nothing or isn't Nothing. If something doesn't exist, it doesn't mean that it is Nothing.

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  • Holomanga

    Cowritten by me, special thanks to GPT-2 for plot ideas.

    Humanity had conquered its home universe; around each star in each galaxy was a dyson sphere, and in each Dyson sphere was a trillion trillion ageless uploads, living out utopias unfathomable to those living in the present day. But even then, humanity wanted more; they had found hints of more physics, something beyond their universe, and wished to explore this.

    They discovered the use of nudges, and used these to assemble crude structures in other multiverses which eventually grew into more homes for humanity among those universes' stars. But shortly after their expansion begun, they found that their nudges met systems that were already inhabited by the Multiversal Council.

    Humanity pet…

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  • Mctoran

    Floyd Rewrite

    June 7, 2020 by Mctoran

    Floyd is a (relatively) minor Cosmic Entity who heads an extremely large pantheon of gods known as the Melodic Pantheon, who collectively control about fifteen thousand universes. He has the capability of creating and destroying entire galaxies the size of the Small Magellanic Cloud with only a minor amount of effort.

    Floyd is a benevolent god, who cares for the civilizations and nations who worship him in much the same manner that a mother cares for her children. However he is not soft by any means, and is quick to put down any hostile civilization that attempts to destroy him, any member of the Melodic Pantheon, or any civilization that worships him.

    In the year 2750 AD, 53450 years before the birth of Hyperman, a baseline human named Kevin…

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  • Cheetahrock63

    The Twins

    June 4, 2020 by Cheetahrock63



    Onu and Dei, collectively known as "The Twins", are two SuperGod siblings with a very strong bond to each other that allows them to always know each other's feelings, location, and health even when they are parted significantly. This ability is known as "Mind Link". The Twins lived in a small Beyond bubble called "Anarchaon" that is very chaotic and self-destructive in nature and often separated the two, but their powers will always allow them to reunite so long as neither of them die.

    Onu is very focused on the survival and well-being of himself and his sister and can come across as more hotheaded and rash in spite of how careful he tries to be. Dei prioritizes her well-being significantly less than her brother and is instead more int…

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  • Mockman13


    June 2, 2020 by Mockman13

    The Dark Omniiverse is a shadow under the primary Omniverse created by the one only known as "The Fallen[", one formed of every fear and bad decision ever made or dreamt. Universes in the Dark Omniverse are fragile and constantly deteriorating, inevitably doomed to destruction by their own malformed construction.The Dark Omniverse is comprised entirely of dark matter in which these universes just crumble after the tragedy their respective creation had been leading up to has occurred.

    Dark Omniiverse is where nightmares go to die.

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  • So-Safe


    June 1, 2020 by So-Safe
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  • TwilightLondon


    May 22, 2020 by TwilightLondon

    SEGI -- Guardian Of The Final Barrier

    Cannot be killed(not even pitch black)

    If killed, existence will be destroyed. However, segi has ??? backup lives, so even after existence has been destroyed, segi can still come back.

    Can control time.

    Segi can shape-shift, and he usually takes the form of a small yellow round chick

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  • UltimateVerses123


    May 19, 2020 by UltimateVerses123

    The Antiverse is basically our universe, but the opposite, with all the anti-matter. People in this universe think that our universe is the antiverse, and their antiverse (they call it "universe") is the universe. They think that our matter is anti-matter, and their anti-matter is normal matter.

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  • Blockengineersbro


    May 17, 2020 by Blockengineersbro

    Voidness is just. Uhm Well Just Pure Void

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  • Chronolegends


    May 15, 2020 by Chronolegends

    Uvhaaldralb  is a lawful neutral God/Verse/Civilization that exists within itself, and has the characterizing ability to manifest itself through it's own expressed language. 

    The Weird palace sits atop a platform that floats in the center point  of an ℵ0-dimensional hypercubic void of infinite side length. This void is locally referred to as the Empty Chamber. 

    The weird palace is a labyrinth maze of uncountable rooms and its functionally complete, meaning it has an infinite amounts of rooms of every size for every thing that Uvhaadralb needs or desires.  It is also alive and linked to Uvhaadralb sensorially. It reforms and adapts constantly and its corridors are connected in multiple non-euclidian manners such that it is impossible to solve…

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  • Cheetahrock63

    This is an inquiry against the V&D Wiki Bureaucrat and V&D Discord Moderator User:BeyonderGodOmnipotent.

    Beyonder indeed has done some commendable work on V&D in its earliest days, there is not very much denying that. Lately, Beyonder has been a lot less active, which is not an issue on its own but during his brief periods of activity, Beyonder has made some problematic decisions that may raise questions regarding his high staff position on the wiki.

    Below is a list of actions Beyonder has done over the last year.

    • 14/08/19: Muted and removed a Discord user’s roles after the user said something that he perceived as an attack. The role removal is not a standard means of punishment and can be argued to be vandalism. (1)
    • 14/08/19: Deleted another …
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  • Secret ultraviolet

    Because this is actually very hard, so I need a dynamic guide. This blog will keep on updating, sometimes eating itself inside out. Current plan largely based on Scoot's cosmology as his is closest to V&D canon. (Under heavy construction) For those who are curious on what the () happend to the First Box War, refer to this 

    • Act 1
    • No other role otherwise
    • Already done in First Box War

    • (Not authored by me)
    • No idea

    • MainLine Tokyo
    • Zedohkay weapons
    • The Light
    • Achroma

    • Probably no role

    • Probably no role

    • Fighting local wars, but in a sense look like a global one without each local war even knowing each other
    • Semi global?
    • BEOs

    • Do stuff on DEATH

    • Steel marble universe

    • Do something to the Maior Complex
    • Selfverse fleet?

    • AllDimensions
    • SCP?
    • Set off 3 Z-type anomalies in Essence-…

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  • VoidSansXD

    Multiversal Implosions are the multiversal level equivalent of the Big Bang or Big Boom, but instead of only creating or destroying, it combines a mixture of both creation and destruction. The event typically starts occuring an infinitesimal of a second after the Big Bang, and continues onward until the multiverse eventually decomposes or somehow gets reverted to nothingness. This is caused due to the multiverse getting created at that time, since infinite sets of parallel universes appear every planck instant in aforementioned universe.

    The force of this implosion can occasionally completely disintegrate a few dozen sets of altverses that have the lowest distance from it, depending on the size of the infinity (countable) in said multiverse…

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  • Holomanga

    Clicking this button creates an article that is a subpage of your userpage.

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  • Mctoran

    The Endless Horizons is an Omniverse which is very difficult, yet quite easy to describe all at the same time. There are many qualities about The Endless Horizons which make it stand out from the others; Its endlessness, its vibrant colors, its...a e s t h e t i c.

    Not much is known regarding the creation of the Endless Horizons, save for the traits that are constant throughout nearly all Monocosms (the existence of a Creator and Destroyer, etc). However, a crucial difference here is woth the Godverses, or a lack thereof withim this Monocosm. Rather, the Creator and Destroyer of this Monocosm exist within The Omniverse.

    The physical shape and layout of this Omniverse itself is also very different from those of others. Rather than being somew…

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  • VoidSansXD

    So I have an idea for an m-box.  This isn't all the information, but basically in short, since the box contains infinite iterations of itself and infinite iterations of anything bigger than it, then if something were to instantaneously destroy whatever is containing it, then it would not be contained by the box 50% of the time.  50% of the time the box contains it, 50% of the time it contains the box, etc.  Therefore, this is a possible mild m-box idea.  If the box immediately contains the m-box back, then the m-box will immediately contain the box, the box will contain it, it will contain the box, etc without actually having to even be that big.  It could just be bigger than the first layer and it would already be bigger than the box, and…

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  • Mctoran

    So, for those of you who don't know, the main Oblivion article on this wiki was originally supposed to have been much different from what it currently is. I had a deeper narrative in mind which I thought was cooler, but unfortunately due to potential lore contradictions, the original narrative had to be scrapped in favor of a more vague and ambiguous backstory for Oblivion.

    Anyways, I figured that some people would like to see what Oblivion could have been, so here I'll post what I believe is an article rewrite that most closely represents my original vision for Oblivion:

    Oblivion was an Infinite, semi-sentient Primordial chaos composed entirely of Alom and contained within an Omniverse. It, however, eventually turned on itself and imploded …

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  • ZAVAZggg

    Test Blog (New User)

    April 29, 2020 by ZAVAZggg

    Info moved.

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  • YellowMarkers1

    my articles SUCK

    April 29, 2020 by YellowMarkers1

    my articles are actual trash and they suck and they should all be burned. i am the most trash article writer ever. anyone who likes my articles must be really stupid since my articles are actual stupidity. seriously. if my articles were gone the world would be a much better place because my articles are that moronic.

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  • Cheetahrock63


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  • YellowMarkers1


    April 28, 2020 by YellowMarkers1

    Nvgngyu is an extremely strange and unknown object located in an uninhabited dimension, possibly quantum-transported from another Realm.

    The areas of Nvgngyu are unexplored, and its properties remain mostly a mystery. It is possible that Nvgngyu is also made of impossible colours, because Nvgngyu has impossible dimensions and properties as well.

    Nvgngyu, while it has unknown properties, is confirmed, since it has caused many objects to tilt or "disappear", mostly only quantum objects.

    Using a microdimensionrayscope, it can be seen as a black spot in a grey field, meaning it is an unknown dimensional object in a dimensional field. The domain it is in is inaccessible and unknown, but it is confirmed that it does exist in some dimension.


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  • Rwa54r

    Jas deep

    April 18, 2020 by Rwa54r
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  • Rwa54r


    April 17, 2020 by Rwa54r


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  • Mctoran

    The Gateway/Gatekeeper

    April 14, 2020 by Mctoran

    The Gateway is a Verse that serves as a "Nexus Point" between all other Beyond Bubbles within Transcendentem.

    However, this statement, of course, causes a few paradoxes to arise, as some Beyond Bubbles may contain properties that would not "allow" it to be connected by the becus of the Gateway.

    However, The Gateway avoids such paradoxes, but in doing so another Paradox arises: The Gateway functions by having all Beyond Bubbled both connected and not connected to itself simultaneously, due to the conflicting "wills" of both The Gateway and Transcendentum. So a Third Party is required to unlock and open the paths from The Gateway. Enter, The Gatekeeper.

    What is known by very few is that The Gateway is, in fact, a "Living", "Sentient" Beyind Bu…

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