The Apeirocoalition was and will be a group spreading across the Omniverse and uniting civilisations as it travels to create order. They are made up of an infinite collection of Kardashev Type Infinity civilisations allied together. Their view on the Verse Cores is somewhat freer than that of the Guardians of Aleph; experimentation performed by the Apeirocoalition has lead to the destruction of countless -verses (though in most cases the contents of the -verse were preserved in backup, restored, and uplifted to Apeirocoalition technology), as well as the creation of advanced technologies.

At an indeterminate point, a scout fleat of the Apeirocoalition intruded on the interdimensional void surrounding a group of protoverses, leading to the Negative First Causal War. During this war, multiple superweapons were deployed before they were created, shattering reality and causality in numerous high-level -verses, making the true history of the Apeirocoalition incomprehensible without a higher level vantage point.

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