Periodic/alchemical symbol used to represent Alom.

Alom is a material which is used by The Supergod Council to create Monocosmic Gods such as Creators and Destroyers. A rarity within the known local Omniverse, Alom is highly coveted by many different entities and organizations of special interest, all wishing to harness/utilize its power to their own personal ends with great effectiveness.


Alom is a compound formed from the combination of the two elements Al and Om, which are constituents of Trosinium. This is a material which is used in the literal creation of Gods. The Supergod Council possesses greater and more abundant quantities of Alom then what "naturally" occurs in The Omniverse, which is how they are able to easily create so many Creators and Destroyers in such a short amount of time.

There is theorized to be some type of semi-sentience that inherently lies within Alom, meaning that it is possibly capable of thought; however, the degree of this sentience isn't fully known. Alom can be likened to clay in terms of its use. It can be molded and sculpted into whatever purpose is desired for it. But after a certain time, however, said clay dries and hardens, permanently remaining in its state. After this point, the Alom is virtually useless for any other purpose besides the one it had been molded into. It is possible for Omnipotent^2 entities to manually destroy Alom. However, doing so is a considered a long and inconvenient process. Therefore, Alom was typically disposed of rather than destroyed in the metadays of the Old Council. Currently, new methods of creating monocosmic gods are being utilized by the current Supergod Council, one that leaves no extra leftover alom behind and therefore provides no need to find ways of destroying or disposing of Alom in Beyond.


Alom so far is known to have a few practical uses. These uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating sentient beings, which can at most be just as powerful as their creator is
  • Naturally forming lifeforms in nature
  • Merging with already-living beings, and thus granting them immense power.
  • Utilizing and/or weaponizing into Magic.


As previously stated, along with being able to create entities, Alom can also be bonded to already existing beings. Assuming that the being in question is strong(-willed) enough to survive this, and successfully forms a symbiosis with Alom without dying an extremely painful death, this grants them immense power and bestows great boons. It is even speculated that Hyperman may have somehow utilized Alom in his ascension to Godhood.

Such abilities that are gained by the symbiosis with Alom include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Increase in power
  • Further enhancement of pre-existing abilities
  • Healing oneself and others
  • Creating and/or restoring life
  • Reality warping
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