Periodic/alchemical symbol used to represent Alom.

Alom is an element/energy which is used by The Supergod Council to create Creators and Destroyers. A rarity within the known local Omniverse, Alom is highly coveted by many different entities and organizations of special interest, all wishing to harness/utilize its power to their own personal ends with great effectiveness.


Due to Alom's rarity, there has been difficulty with procuring samples of the element to study its properties and effects. However, given the minimal research and study on it that has already been done, there are in fact some key details regarding the properties of Alom which are known.

Firstly, Alom is an element which is used in the literal creation of Gods. The Supergod Council seems to possess greater and more abundant quantities of Alom then what "naturally" occurs in The Omniverse, which is how they are able to easily create so many Creators and Destroyers in such a short amount of time. As for the exact process in which these beings are created from Alom, that is something which will most likely never be made known to normal mortals.

However, that isn't to say that a theory can't be made in regards to at least part of the reason Alom can give life. There is theorized to be some type of sentience within Alom, meaning that it is capable of thinking; however, the degree of this sentience isn't fully known. One such example of this potential sentience, was when the Oblivious Entity known as The Architect created his Multiverse, The Architecture. In doing so, the Alom which made up his essence was split into five fractions, which took on individual identities and became five multiversal energies which held The Architecture together: Primordial Energy, Incognitus Energy, The Crimson, Xalnergy and Plane Nihili. Simultaneously, from these five energies five multiversal races were self-created, respectively: The Council of Life, The id, The Infinites, The Xir'algath and The Collect. This example demonstrates that even an aspect of true Alom still possesses enough intelligence to create an entire race of sentient Multiversal beings from itself. So, one can only imagine what true Alom is capable of.

Speaking of the aforementioned Five energies, one could use them to gauge the properties of Alom based on their own properties, as Alom is the summation of all five of these energies.

In some cases, Alom seems to be able to exist in both a solid material state, though it has also been observed in a plasmatic energy state as well. The state of Alom seems to largely depend on what "purpose" it's being used for.


As well as being able to create entities, Alom can also be bonded to already existing beings. Assuming the being in question is strong(-willed) enough to survive this, and successfully forms a symbiosis with Alom without dying an extremely painful death, this grants them immense power. It is even speculated that Hyperman may have somehow utilized Alom in his ascension to Godhood, but this is unconfirmed.

Such abilities that are gained by Alom include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Healing the injuries of oneself and those of others, as well as being able to give life to nonliving things.
  • Enhancing the pre-existing powers/abilities of oneself.
  • Psionic abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy and other such powers.
  • Creating rifts in Space/Time, which one can enter and/or bring objects/beings out of.
  • Creating and inhabiting personal self-contained pocket dimensions, within which one can manipulate and invent/reinvent the laws of physics at will, essentially granting them godlike abilities within this dimension.
  • Erasing Space/Time/matter/energy/memories from a directed target.
  • Creating and manipulating constructs of Alom.


Alom so far is known to have a few practical uses. These uses include:

  • Creating sentient beings, potentially ones as powerful as Creators and Destroyers(or even more powerful, though this theory currently remains unconfirmed)
  • Granting immense power to already-living beings

Additional Information

Further research on Alom's properties indicates that it is in fact part of a larger elemental "family", which Xaspunum also happens to be a part of. Alom, however, is the "weakest" of the 2, with it occurring in the lowest cosmological tiers. Xaspunum then follows as the most (known) powerful, occurring on the highest cosmological tiers with it being the life-essence of The Aspect Lords. There also exist many other elements in this family, with each one occurring within a certain cosmological tier or a small range of closely-neighboring tiers. However, these other elements are yet to be officially discovered and documented


  • Alom's name is a portmanteau of the prefixes to the words "Alpha" and "Omega", as Alom is considered to be both, or the harmonious mediation between the two.
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